Events tailored for you

Meetings and Congresses

The core business of Umbria Convention & Events Bureau focuses on quality meetings, congresses and events. We offer you a complete 360 ​​° service to better build your event, from conception to practice.
Umbria, with its great landscape variety, has a rich variety of locations able to find space for every type of event: modern convention centers and period residences, medieval villages, ad hoc structures.
The novelty offered by UCB is the possibility of organizing a widespread conference, which consists in the preparation of a meeting within the historic center of an art city.

An opportunity to forge new highly emotional professional ties based on sharing common experiences.
Our claim is “Meet in the center” precisely because Umbria represents the perfect central meeting point between North and South Italy, ideal for a company that has several branches in Italy and needs to organize a meeting, a conference or a event.


The Incentive is a journey that the company offers as a reward to employees, external collaborators or customers to achieve a specific common goal.

It represents a way to incentivize the increase and improvement of productivity, and in the case of customers, to ensure loyalty.

The journey does not always have economic purposes, motivation is also an advantage for those who collaborate in a company in order to improve relationships within the company, in fact it is useful to facilitate relationships even between colleagues at a distance and for several reasons begin to work together.

UCB is the ideal partner to organize incentive trips in the green Umbria!

Team building

Team building translates into Italian as “costruzione di un gruppo”.
It includes the set of training activities, but also games, aimed at increasing the solidity of the relationships between people belonging to the same business reality, which then benefit the enterprise productivity.

Live these experiences firsthand helps the group improve the climate of interaction between them in order to be able to achieve corporate goals in a more peaceful and efficient manner.

UCB supports you in organizing innovative team building experiences in our region in direct contact with the territory and with original and effective proposals.